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Guangzhou 2015 GDP increased 8.4% economic total amount exceeds 1.81 trillion yuan

Date: 2016-01-21

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Lai Weihang Correspondent wen-sen wang, YanJie) in 2015, guangdong economy to achieve the economic growth to maintain high-speed, economy structure towards the high end "double high" work target.Guangdong province bureau of statistics released yesterday, a preliminary calculation and approved by the national bureau of statistics, in 2015, the guangdong region's GDP totaled 7.281255 trillion yuan, calculated at comparable prices, up 8.0% from a year earlier, the year the situation is becoming better and better progressly.Contribution to the national economic growth of more than 10%.Guangdong GDP grew by an average of 8.5% a year from 2011 to 2015, more than 0.5% target.

Last year in guangdong for adjusting and optimizing economic structure, the main structural indexes has different degrees of improvement, the proportion of service industry of 50.8%, 1.8% higher than that of 2014.Modern service industry proportion reached 60.4%, increased by 1.4%;Advanced manufacturing proportion reached 48.5%, increased by 0.9%;High technology manufacturing proportion reached 27.0%, increased by 1.9%;General trade export proportion reached 42.9%, increased by 42.9%.

Keep improving enterprise economic benefit

Provincial bureau of statistics, said last year guangdong economic development quality and efficiency to keep promotion, corporate profit growth is relatively good.1 ~ 11 months of last year, industrial profits of 607.648 billion yuan, up 7.9% year on year, 9.8% percentage points higher than the national average.Industrial enterprise sales profit margin of 5.8%, increased by 0.3% over the previous year, but industry enterprise production and management difficulties increase, growth fell.Service industry a good momentum of development, especially the fast development of new business model of new industry new forms, got gradually increase on economic growth.

Inheritance, the province first industry grew by 3.4% last year, the contribution rate to economic growth by 1.7%;Growth of 6.8%, the second industry to economic growth contribution rate is 41.2%;The third industry increases by 9.7%, the contribution rate to economic growth of 57.1%, increase GDP growth of 4.6%.And the third industry economic growth relies mainly on the three power: one is the financial, 2 it is to real estate, three is the new economy.

Warming trend is obvious in 2015, the real estate market whole year commercial housing sales area of 116.8101 million square meters, up 25.4% from a year earlier.The added value of real estate industry grows 11.4%, accounted for 8.2% of economic growth, increase GDP growth of 0.7%.

Three times the industrial structure in guangdong in 2013 a major turning point, from "231" into "321" structure.Last year, the proportion of the tertiary industry reached 50.8%, 50% for the first time in history, three industrial structure adjustment is 4.6:44.6:50.8.

Guangdong province bureau of statistics is expected, affected by the economic environment at home and abroad, in 2016 the entire province economic growth between 7.0% ~ 7.0%.