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Haizhu fangcun new 12.6 km tram in the next three years

Date: 2016-01-21

Guangzhou trams plans for the next three years, plan in the current test section 7.7 km (guangzhou tower - maxell wai), on the basis of continuing in haizhu, fang village, haizhu test section 2.9 km extension cord will be built (maxell wai - new continents), 3.1 km pazhou encryption line (pazhou round electric business district), fang village, 6.6 kilometers of the first opening segment of injure line will be built (bay - hedong east).At that time, guangzhou streetcar opened mileage will be more than 20 kilometers.In addition, the synchronous start haizhu around the island line (head of 10.2 km, 8.8 kilometers wide paper work project feasibility report, to prepare for the next phase of construction.

Trams test section since the end of 2014 opened, to attract traffic, reduce the pressure, the government shall be determined and cultural institutions, merchants cooperation, launched 12 special topic.In the next five years, however, are in operating losses of about 25 million yuan a year.Government in cultural theme, introduced along the track, "upgrade" landscape, combined with the land development, pull the regional cultural economy industrial chain, the trams self hematopoietic and sustainable development.

Haizhu planning 61.8 kilometers

Haizhu trams planning including haizhu loop around the island line and the pazhou island.Of haizhu basic along the road around the island line and Newport east road layout, about 41 km, 40 station Settings;Pazhou island loop by the municipal party committee secretary ren xuefeng, proposed the preliminary study the line length of 20.8 kilometers.At present, zhuhai has completed the test section of 7.7 kilometers (guangzhou tower - maxell circumference).

Fang village planning 15.5 kilometers

Fangcun injure tram line to beijiao port (lines), including east sand huan hua road to tea kau north (regional) two parts, the total length of 15.5 km, 27 stations, and transit point 7.

Advance construction of hedong east to spend nearly three years to bay, the 6.6 km line have 12 stations.Consider setting up a crane car depot, injure the park planning, long valley hub in the west.