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Guangzhou and 88 buildings "new" history buildings have?

Date: 2016-01-21

Guangzhou daily news (reporter hanley correspondent ear gauge xuan) reporter yesterday learned from the city land planning commission that guangzhou list the third batch of historic buildings in guangzhou municipality on the administration of cultural relics and historical and cultural city protection committee (the former city historical and cultural city council) examined and passed at the meeting for the first time in 2016, the preliminary recommended 88 historic buildings.The list should be submitted to the municipal people's government for approval, also officially published after the approval to the provincial people's government.

Guangzhou in 2012 for the first time in history system organization to carry out the historic buildings census and recommend that work, has released the first list of 398, the second list of 80, combined with the selected the third batch of 88, guangzhou will reach 566, the population of the historic buildings in big cities in the country belong to the large number of.

It is understood that the third batch of recommendation of historic buildings is mainly divided into seven categories --

(a) important historic class.On behalf of the buildings are safe floor, is located in yuexiu district 162 taikang road a large commercial buildings during the period of the republic of China, and presided over by a famous patriotic Huang Yuyu architect design, for the safe to fit in with the life of guangdong branch.Xiajiu road day xi hall site is located in xiajiu road no. 24 to 32, was built in 1926 during the period of the republic of China, is a famous architect ke-ming Lin first design work, and hero model in the new times XiangXiuLi sacrifice martyr.

(2) the most important representatives of historical and cultural blocks, such as habitat grid south street no. 2 houses, is located in the south west China a traditional materials the historical and cultural blocks combined with the western style of elegant homes.

(3) the most important representatives of historic and cultural town village, this kind of historic buildings are mainly distributed in the Chinese history and culture town shawan and long Chinese history and culture of village village head.Guangzhou shawan is the first national famous town, such as constant lu, is a beautiful modelling, the larger the villa, the construction of the pearl river delta is the modern overseas Chinese return on behalf of the combination of Chinese and western residential housing.

(4) heritage village, such as conghua district transverse ridge village kakui DaTang end family school, is a unique combination of foreign religion and traditional architecture, baiyun district market town lake clam lake street residence at no. 1, 2, 3, 4, the city is located in the town, the rare and well-preserved Chinese and western combined with large houses.

(5) the campus education construction, such as guangzhou overseas Chinese students cram school ling site and guangzhou overseas Chinese students' reception of the People's Republic of China, is an important witness, new China concerned about the overseas Chinese education is to maintain contact with the motherland emotion for the broad masses of overseas Chinese overseas Chinese bond.South China agricultural university Ding Ying homestead, was the first President of south China agriculture, famous agronomist Ding Ying's former residence.

(6) industrial heritage, such as in the wide area paper slices of industrial heritage protection, embodies the three old transformation and historical and cultural heritage protection a win-win situation.The first mill is an important witness of cotton textile industry in guangzhou.

(7) other types, is located in yuexiu district of a-de way anya who medicine line no amazon site, the building was built during the period of the republic of China DE road is a landmark building of large buildings.